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These face masks are made from lovely, soft organic cotton in a double layer with elastic ties.

This is our offering to help you through these times. We have gone for the pleated design, which I feel is the most leak proof, as you get a good seal around your chin. This is comfortable to wear, and hopefully will do a good job in catching those larger droplets before they disperse into smaller ones.

We tried lots of designs before settling on the long tie style, as we found this to be the most versatile, offering ties that are comfortable for a long day at work (bottom tie on top of head), as well as ties that are fine for shorter trips out of a couple of hours or so (behind the ear ties).

Wash before first use to soften the strings.

All can be washed up to 60'.

Remove your mask carefully, ideally putting it in a wash bag ready for the wash. Now wash your hands!

3 options to tying your mask: 

1. Top ties go around your ears and under your chin.  Bottom ties behind your head.

2. Bottom ties on the very top of your head.

3. Tie the sides behind your ears